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Focused on industry research and analysis, Ahain Group's insights provide businesses with comprehensive reports on the latest trends in social business across a variety of markets and industry categories.

Detailing market-leading best practices alongside an exhaustive analysis of what's working and why our reports allow readers to get a more in-depth and all-inclusive appreciation of what social business is and how it can work for them.

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Social Customer Service, Care & Support

Report: Social Business | Social Customer Service, Care & Support   Social media have driven a shift in the control of brand sentiment in favour of the consumer. While the majority of businesses continue to offer no or very poor (social) customer service via their social media channels, others are responding very effectively to this increasing […]


Travel & Tourism

Report: Social Business – Travel & Tourism Industry   The Ahain Group has researched and analysed various Tourism entities, from countries as a whole down to tourist attractions and restaurants, to see best practice across the board in Social Business within the Travel and Tourism industry. Tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening ‎diversification to […]


Ecommerce & The Digital Dynasty

Report: Social Business – Ecommerce & the Digital Dynasty   The Ahain Group has researched and explored the e-commerce landscape for retailers, analysing the trends from mobile commerce to augmented reality and click & collect. This report seeks to analyse some key insights into e-commerce practice, to provide case studies of some of the leading […]


Social Media In Politics

Report: Social Business – Social Media in Politics   The impact of Social Media on politics and on democratic participation continues to divide opinion. The following report on the use of social media, within politics – includes the first comprehensive review of the use of social media by Irish political parties, politicians and government bodies. […]


FMCG – Retail & Ecommerce

Report: FMCG – Retail & Ecommerce   Online shopping is growing inexorably. Maximising the online business potential and optimising the consumer’s online shopping experience are two separate issues, but are both of major importance to any retailer seeking to take advantage of the increased spending by consumers online. Irish shoppers spent €2.96bn online in 2010, […]


General & Health Insurance

Report: Social Business – General & Health Insurance Industry   The Ahain Group’s social business report on the general and health insurance industry contains case studies and insights into the effect of social business techniques. David Williams of Axa Insurance UK was recently quoted as saying that the UK Insurance Industry was “traditionally known as […]


Attracting Top-Tier Talent

Report: Social Business – Attracting Top-Tier Talent   The Ahain Group ‘Social Business Report : Attracting Top Tier Talent’ is an evaluation of the recruiting techniques employed by high profile businesses and recruitment agencies within Ireland, the UK and globally. The Ahain Group’s ‘Social Business Report : Attracting Top Tier Talent’ is an<strong> evaluation of […]


A Solution for International Student Recruitment

Report: Social Business – A Solution for International Student Recruitment   This Ahain Group Report uncovers potential benefits that could accrue to the Higher Education sector in Ireland from deployment of appropriate Social Business strategies. An Education Ireland 2009/10 report showed that enrolling an International Student in Ireland generates, on average, over €16k a year […]

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