Research & Analysis, Training, Strategy & Implementation 


Ahain Group was established in 2011 to bring together the capabilities of a number of world-class specialists in the various disciplines integral to the development of a successful social business.

With 150+ years combined experience across our team that encompasses a breadth of expertise we provide companies with social business research and analysis; training, strategy and implementation services.

FACEBOOK: % Marketers who believe it's important for lead generation
TWITTER: % of users who access it from mobile
GOOGLE+: % of Marketers who plan to increase activity
LINKEDIN: % Users who belong to at least one group


We tell you what we know as a first step so that your management teams can make informed and strategic decisions about what to do next through our interactive workshops.

Get in touch to discuss how we can empower your teams to deliver marketing and business effectiveness and efficiency across social and digital media.


With businesses constantly seeking new ways to capitalise on evolving technologies and new market dynamics, our focus on Social & Digital Strategy ensures our clients have the tools and tactics with which to maximise returns.

Get in touch to discuss your strategic social and digital opportunity and how we can deliver a result.


With markets continually changing and new disruptive business practices and initiatives constantly emerging, it is crucial to continually research and analyse what is being done, how and why.

Through this on-going investigation we maintain an insightful and knowledgeable eye and ear on the opportunity for client companies within the social business spectrum.


In all new ways of conducting business it is vital that internal resources and competencies match external market expectations. This is why we at Ahain Group tailor our strategic engagements to include training and development to make certain that our clients have the resources, knowledge and application necessary to maximise benefits that can be realised from social business.


Thought is impotent without action hence our strategic consultancy services are underpinned by a tactical capability to deliver what we have first designed as a new way doing things. Working with other specialist partners in areas such as technology, design and campaign development, Ahain Group ensure that implementation is the catalyst that will drive strategy towards success.  

What our customers say...

Martin Corry, Enterprise Ireland

“We in Enterprise Ireland used the services of the Ahain Group to design and implement a digital marketing campaign for Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur Competition. We were very pleased with the professional approach of the staff at the Ahain Group which contributed to a really great campaign. The campaign undertaken was really smart and strategic where all aspects of social media were utilised in a totally integrated fashion which delivered an outstanding bottom line result for us".

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